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For upgrades & aftermarket please contact: 972.793.0112, press option 2 or email

EnRoute Software When you want more capabilities or you have an older version.For upgrade quotes, your EnRoute user ID will be needed.
Knife Upgrade When your machine doesn’t have any knife cutting capabilities.  
Keypad Upgrade When you don’t have a graphical keypad.Some older models do not have an upgrade path.  
Misting Unit When you have an older style misting unit or now need misting capabilities for routing aluminum.  
MultiVision Upgrade When you need to cut printed substrates.  
Spindle Upgrade When you want more power, RPM, or tool changing capabilities.  
Cold Air Gun Upgrade When dry cold air is needed for cooling router bits.
Laser Pointer Upgrade When you want to make it easier to set your home positions.  
Vacuum Pump When you believe your vacuum pump doesn’t have the adequate hold-down power or too much.
Pop-Up Pin Upgrade When you need to place your material in the same spot every time.  
Safety When you are looking to add safety features.  
Training When you get a new operator or you just want to refresh your knowledge.