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Spoilboard Surfacing Tools

Spoilboard Resurfacing ToolsAPPLICATIONS: Surfacing of aluminum, plastics & composite wood.

FEATURES: Designed for surfacing MDF, particleboard & balsa core, where "flow through" or "high flow" fixturing is employed, using large capacity vacuum pumps. These tools are dynamically balanced.

BENEFITS: The method of surfacing spoilboards allows for much faster table planing.

Compare Code Price Cut Diameter Cut Length Shank Diameter Overall Length
1-1/4 2 Wing 1/2 Carbide Tipped Table Milling Tool
M5 Screws Threaded Holds Indexible Inserts For New Style Spoilboard Surfacing Tools
M4 Screws Threaded Holds Inexible Inserts For Old style Spoilboard Surfacing Tools
Indexible Insert 14 x 14 Turnable Fits 91-102 and 91-104 Insert Surfacing Tools
2-1/2 2 Wing with Upshear 1/2 Insert Style
1-1/4 2 Wing 1/4 Carbide Tipped Table Milling Tool
2-1/2 2 Wing 1/2 Insert Style