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Diamond Polishing Tools


APPLICATIONS:Class clear surface finish in acrylics

FEATURES:Balanced to 60,000RPM

BENEFITS:Provides a superior surface finish when used in high-end, rigid CNC machines, without vibrations.

Compare Code Price Cut Diameter Cut Length Shank Diameter Overall Length
6MM 14MM (For acrylic up to 1/2 thickness)" 6MM 50MM (22MM Reach)
6MM 14MM (for acrylic up to 1/2 thickness)" 8MM 50MM
6MM 11MM (For acrylic up to 3/8 thickness)" 8MM 60MM (23MM Reach)
6MM 8MM (For acrylic up to 1/4 thickness)" 6MM 50MM
6MM 6MM (For acrylic up to 3/16 thickness)" 8MM 60MM